Your Passive house From 170 000 Euros Turnkey


Choose the most efficient house in the world and enjoy an exceptional comfort of life, at least 2,000 euros savings on your bills per year, a healthy air for your whole family, and an ethical project for a solid future.
Whether you dream of a contemporary house or classical architecture, we are at your disposal to accompany you in the choice of passive house model ideal for your project. 


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Modèle 1 certifié

QUARTZ model




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OPALE model




Modèle 3 certifié 2

JAPSE model




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Modèle 6 certifié

JADE model




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GYPSE model




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ONYX model




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Benefits Included

Our models prices include the same benefits than our call prices concurents but also the compulsory equipments for comfort, health, and ecology in housing :

- Energy performance studies (sunshine, thermal, ventilation... )

- High performance sealing

- High performance insulation

- Best quality triple glazing

- The most efficient heat pump

- The best peforming dual flow CMV

Obviously concern for quality in Avenidor passive houses worth a price. But we are conviced that the choice of a house is much more than a matter of squared meters. Your quality of life is at stake and we are not ready to propose the same level of service proposed by the other manufacturer. For these reasons, Avenidor houses are from 170 000 euros for 70 squared meters.

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Constructive Mode

Avenidor passive houses models are made with cellular concrete blocks which is the building's mineral material that produces the least amount of gray energy (200 kWh / m³ versus 1,850 kWh / m³ for reinforced concrete). As a result, cellular concrete makes it possible to construct masonry bearing walls with a relatively low environmental impact. The thermal performances associated with this material as well as the feedback on available experience make it a sure value to design an extremely efficient, comfortable and ecofriendly passive house.