By choosing Avenidor you are certain to get the safety of the unique guarantees of the Contract of Construction of Individual house : (CCMI)

- Refund of deposit, 

- Perfect completion, 

- Delivery at the price and for the agreed deadline, 

- House guaranteed 10 years, 

- Insurance damage-work

- The guarantee to deal with a reliable manufacturer, with 20 years beforehand on the standards of performances

 Garanties contrat


Choose the only home builder individual passive and be 20 years old beforehand on the current standards

The group KZB offers you more than 30 years of experience in the building through its varied and complementary skills. Thanks to our investment and passion for the environment and innovation, we are working for a more ethical society. In this vision, Avenidor offers you homes all equipped with innovative, efficient, comfortable, economical, healthy, ecological, ethical and sustainable solutions.



This contract complies with the recommendations of LCA-FFB (Builders and developers of the French Building Federation) and all the rules and standards. With the construction contract, Avenidor brings you:

Repayment guarantee: This is provided in the event of failure to comply with the conditions precedent to the contract (refusal of loans or building permits...) or of the right of withdrawal.

Delivery guarantee at agreed price and time: It intervenes in case of failure of the manufacturer. By virtue of the law of December 1990, your house will be completed in accordance with the terms of the contract, within the price and the delivery time set. Further work is taken over by the guarantor (KZB Finances) which assumes the penalties in case of late delivery. This guarantee is compulsory. You must require upon opening of your site, the registered certificate of delivery guarantee at agreed price and time, issued by the guarantor in the form of an original document.

Guarantee of perfect completion: It requires the builder to repair any deterioration during the first year after the reception of your house.

Guarantee of proper functioning: It covers for 2 years the malfunctions of the equipment elements dissociable from the construction (shutters, valves, convectors...).

Ten-year warranty: It covers the owner for 10 years in case of malfunctions or damage compromising the solidity of the construction or the components of equipment related to the construction.

Property and casualty insurance: It is paid over 10 years for repairs made immediately by the manufacturer before the liability for damage is defined. It covers all possible hidden defects that make the use of the building unsuitable. This compulsory insurance was negotiated by Avenidor at a fixed rate.



1.     Sustainable and quality houses thanks to our partnerships sensibly chosen as the long term.

2.     Exceptional comfort and savings thanks to the most efficient equipments of the market such as Mechanical Ventilation Doubles Flow, Heat pump, materials of the best quality, millimeter scale design according to the studies for quality of life. 

3.     An ethical project in your ecological house and in the healthy air essential to the quality of life of your family.

4.     A single contact person from the feasibility study to the delivery. To protect the confidence you gave to us, and to keep your project coherent and continuous, we will be at your disposal in every steps of the adventure.

5.     A regulated contract in accordance with the Law of 19 December 1990. The individual house construction contract (CCMI) defines your project in every details and ensures that you comply with all legal guarantees. 

6.     An overall and flat-rate price in full transparency to ensure control of your budget. The price of your house is firm and definitive, excepted any clause in the contract specifying the possible modes of revision, depending on the BT01 index. Theindividual home construction contract (CCMI) and the descriptive instructions tell you precisely the total cost of your home. This way you control all the details of your investment.

7.     Pre-defined modalities to ensure a long-term vision. According to the text of the law, with the contract of construction of individual house, the deposits are paid at the various stages of advancement of your project. Also in case of non-compliance, the amount of the associated benefit is recorded until the reservations are solved.

8.     A withdrawal period of 10 days from receipt of the contract by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt is guaranteed in accordance with the regulations. 

9.     An included customer service adapted to your needs for the search of the land, financial and administrative procedures, preparation of the file and obtaining the building permit, subscription of the policy damage work, coordination and control of the site, after-sales service.

10.   A set of guarantees and insurance to protect your project over its entire duration. Guarantee of repayment deposit, guarantee of delivery at agreed prices and deadlines, guarantee of perfect completion, guarantee of good functioning, 10-year guarantee, damage insurance.


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