We are specialized in the construction of individual passive houses with outstanding performance. The first prototype in the world to be labeled "Passive Premium" and 100% autonomous, which is located on our Center for Research and Development of Sustainable Habitat, is the proof.

Avenidor vue ouest paysage

This company, which is part of the KZB Group, was born of our determination to develop passive constructions in line with sustainability, performance and the environment. These are essential points to take into account in view of the constant increase in pollution and new regulations that will take place with RT 2020.

We design and build passive homes, labeled by the PassivHaus Institut. This certification aims to guarantee an exceptional comfort of life, while reducing the many factors of pollution and CO² emissions which are decisive criteria for the protection of our beautiful planet. Currently, we are building another world first with the 1st passive house 100% bio-sourced, 100% autonomous and certified "Passive Premium"

It is with more than 30 years of experience in the sector of construction activity (TCE, HVAC, electricity, etc.) that we have come to the following conclusion: the glaring lack of innovation in the building is regrettable in given current technological progress ...

Our ambition is to assist you in the design and construction of houses of the future. With Avenidor houses a green future is possible in the long term for us and future generations.