The environment.

A term that is important to us because we strive to remain in line with the environment within the Avenidor project. The main objectives are to reduce energy consumption and polluting emissions by making the use of heating obsolete and by making a precise choice on the quality and origin of the materials used.

To this end, we have implemented photovoltaic panels bifacial, green and renewable energy, because they do not create emissions of pollutants or greenhouse gases. In addition, solar energy offers efficient and constant production, which is not the case for wind turbines or tidal turbines. In fact, after studying all types of energy production, photovoltaics proved to be significantly more productive and above all, more profitable than other processes!

Apart from the production of electricity via renewable energy, our thermal insulation by the outside (ITE) allows to have no heating system, which would have created a catastrophic record. A heating system would increase CO² emissions drastically! The graph below represents the evolution of greenhouse gases (GHG) in Ile-de-France between 2000 and 2012. 


Evolution of greenhouse gas emissions in île-de-france between 2000 and 2012 (in mt / year)

Evolution of GHG in Ile-de-France between 2010 and 2012

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It is very clear that the residential and tertiary sector is the sector that contributes the most to GHG emissions (41%) in CO² equivalent.

Imagine a world with only AVENIDOR homes, GHGs produced on our beautiful planet would be reduced considerably!

Lastly, the AVENIDOR prototype was made of masonry, but we also build 100% bio-sourced houses, considerably reducing the gray energy generated during the manufacture of materials, and using the latest generation equipment (VMC dual stream, ECS heat exchanger, etc.).