Avenidor houses allow non-negligible savings

  • Consumption of electricity
  • Maintenance
  • Resale of excess electricity generated

Here are some explanations to help us understand the reasoning behind all this. The table below gives us an insight into the thermal performance of the Avenidor houses by comparing them with the BBC houses and houses certified by the Passivhaus Institut.

Performances avenidor u r

We notice that the Avenidor houses are 4 times more efficient than the BBC houses (Low energy building) in terms of thermal performance and almost 2 times more efficient than the passive houses. This is largely the reason why Avenidor homes do not need a heating system.

Only external thermal insulation alone is not enough. It is equally important to have an excellent airtightness of the building. The following table compares the airtightness of these buildings (test n50):

Performances avenidor n

 Once again, the results speak for themselves and Avenidor houses are 10 times more efficient than the thermal regulations in force in the building sector. To give you a concrete example, the biggest air leak of a house Avenidor is located at the level of the lock cylinder! You read correctly, this small gap in which you come to house your key represents the biggest air leak of your house ...

Avenidor houses are perfect in terms of thermal insulation and airtightness. Logically, therefore, the electricity consumption related to heating drops drastically. In addition, installed equipment has much lower electrical requirements than traditional equipment. Be it the VMC, the heat pump or even the household appliances. Thanks to this type of equipment, the maintenance is simplified and the costs are related. Finally, Avenidor houses have the opportunity to integrate photovoltaic panels at the cutting edge of technology. These panels, with a high output of electrical production, can produce more energy than what the house Avenidor needs. It is this surplus of production that will be sold back to your electricity supplier.

In short, you will earn money instead of paying electricity bills... times change!