Technology questioned by some but a reality for us. Many skeptics questioned the question of autonomy in a construction. A conjecture that we were able to question, and which we faced in order to meet the challenge of the AVENIDOR project.


AVENIDOR is a 100% autonomous house, where we are all in place so that you can find freedom and independence within your home while increasing your comfort.



This autonomy begins with electricity, which is produced via the installation of bifacial photovoltaic panels generating renewable energy. Thanks to this installation, you will not need to connect the AVENIDOR house to a local distribution network. An important advantage because today we are totally dependent on electricity. Suffice to say that there will be jealous when you will be the only house lit after a general cut!

  • Bifacial photovoltaic panels
  • Battery park
  • Collection of technical data
    • Building consumption
    • Production of photovoltaic panels
    • Quantity of resale
  • Automated management package

Of course, if the location of your land allows it, it is advantageous to be connected to the network in order to sell the surplus electricity produced (between 500 € and 1500 € annual resale!).


A rare commodity that must not be forgotten. On our R&D Center, it is thanks to a borehole that water from a water table is collected. The water is then filtered a first time before being stored in a buried tank. Then, before being redistributed to the building, the water is filtered a second time and potabilized using a UV system.

  • Filter bodies adapted to the specificities of the treated water
  • Storage tank
  • Bactericidal UV

However, a similar system can be set up with rainwater, which makes autonomy accessible everywhere in France! Nature brings us water for free at home so why consume chlorinated water?


Finally, the Avenidor houses have internet and telephony without being wired to the network. Using state-of-the-art equipment, you can watch HD TV, organize videoconferences or simply surf the web without any difficulty. Of course, this significantly reduces the costs compared to a standard connection.

In a nutshell, our technology combines the advantages of the satellite and the public network while being more affordable!