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With the spinoffs of its success, Avenidor develops its offers with its network of most reliable collaborators in Seine et Marne, Ile de France, Normandy and Creuse. Our catchment area is based on our history and experience:


  • Seine and Marne where our head office and our network of artisans are located
  • Creuse where our Research and Development Centre is located
  • Ile de France where we have built strong relationships with our network of collaborators
  • Normandy where we have developed numerous reliable partnerships and customers

Carte de France


Thanks to the growing demand and your help talking about Avenidor, we will open up to new regions very soon. Sign up and be the first to know when Avenidor arrives near you! 

Check out our offers for land + house in your region and seize the opportunity of a passive house Avenidor for its comfort, savings, healthy air and respect for the planet : 

3 Seine et Marne


2 Ile de France


4 Creuse


1 Normandie




At your side to carry out your project

We accompany for the search of land, the building permit, the search for financing and the feasibility study of your project.

The prices of passive house models include the same services as the prices of average houses constructors, as well as the equipment indispensable to comfort, health, and ecology in the habitat :


  • Energy performance studies (sunshine, thermal, ventilation etc... )
  • High performance insulation
  • The triple glazing of the best quality
  • The most efficient heat pump to date
  • The most efficient double flow VMC to date


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